Ironing out the creases.

This will be my last blog for a few weeks as I head off on holidays and allow myself time to gather my thoughts before kicking off again some time in the new year. What a journey this blog has been for me this past six months. I am proud that I have fulfilled my commitment of writing once a week. It has given me some particularly tough moments as I reflected on my life, but mostly it has given me a freedom that I never knew I needed. Before you read my final blog of 2017 I want to thank you for the feedback, the many comments, the support, the encouragement or simply the time you have put in to just read. Know that by participating in my journey with me you have played an incredibly uplifting part of my final stage of healing. May you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, if that is something that you celebrate, at the very least know that in this year you played a little part in helping a slightly broken person feel whole again. Happy final read, see you all again in the new year!

Once in a workplace we were asked to share our mid week morning routines and what our days looked like before our working day had even begun. The purpose of the exercise was to supposedly demonstrate how we lead such busy lives and that very often we have done a range of household duties and running around before work had even started. It was meant to encourage us to be mindful of each other’s situations and how we very often don’t know the outside stresses many of us are faced with. So we wrote down all the things we did before work that day and these were put namelessly on display in the staff room.

It just so happened that I had ironed my clothes that morning. You will never see me in creased clothes and I will iron out the smallest of creases rather than look even slightly crushed. My list was mocked by a couple of very busy parents I worked with. The comments went something like this…..‘who in the world has time to iron?’ and ‘you can tell this person doesn’t have kids’, followed by lots of laughter. I get it, I really do. I did parent an incredibly challenging child for 7 plus years. My mornings in those days were very different to today. Even then, however, I still often ironed and usually in between disputes over what clothes she wanted to wear to school that day.

I did not realise how wonderfully peaceful my mornings were until I lost them for a while. Now I fully appreciate the calm and tranquil solitude I have every morning as I get ready for work. It is truly a time I cherish and also often the only time I have the house to myself. Mark might not be a kid but he is certainly capable of breaking the peace. My mornings are sacred to me. And like much of my home life I have wonderful start of the day routines that help keep me grounded.

To be able to get chunks of real down time is a privileged part of my childless life. It is yet another of one of my life’s perks. When Mark and I visit friend’s houses that are busy, noisy places with lots of kids we have great fun and will somehow manage to get some interaction with the adults we have really come to spend time with, as well as enjoying fun chats and playing with the kids. When we get home, however, we will often breathe a collective sigh. Both of us love the serenity, we fully appreciate the calmness, the quiet and the uninterrupted adult talk.

I have an incredibly busy social life, as mentioned in my previous post ‘On a Whim and a Prayer’, but equal to this is my peaceful home life. I don’t have to tackle anyone for the remote control (I have a husband who doesn’t care for TV), I don’t have to get anyone else ready before we go anywhere (just the odd hubby nag), I have the time to blog without interruption (mostly), I can shower and go to the loo in complete privacy and without waiting (thanks to an ensuite) and most importantly I can iron every single day of the week and, thankfully, usually without judgement.

Much love everyone,
Jodie xx


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