In with the new, out with the old.

When I woke up this morning to a brand new year I felt this overwhelming sense of gratitude. I had a spectacularly happy 2017 and I fully intend for 2018 to follow suit. I was watching a Dawn French clip the other day, I’m an avid fan, and love her honest outlook on ageing. She’s happy to be in her 60s, firstly because she has known many a friend or family member who never made it to her age, but mostly because of the sense of confidence it brings with it. In other words she is at an age where she is being kinder to herself and really doesn’t give a fuck about what others think (that is my first official blog swearing). I love this and I get it. I love being at an age and time where I feel fully comfortable in my own skin and don’t care a great deal about impressing others. To be more self assured brings about a real sense of contentment.

In 2018 I intend to fully embrace this concept of contentment. I am no longer on a youthful search for fulfilment, I know what I love about life and have the means to maintain this and the strong sense of wellbeing that goes with it. This comes in three little packages for me. A purposeful and rewarding work life, an active social life that balances this out and the odd quiet downtime to regather and enjoy breathing slowly. I write this in one of these latter moments.

This summer holiday has been deliberately forged to give me and Mark some quality downtime. We packed the car and the dogs and headed east to two towns that, although coastal, are as laid back as we both aim to be. All I can hear right now, as I write, are the native birds that fill the trees surrounding our rental home. We spent New Year’s Eve walking the dogs along the coastal lake front of Lake King before a quiet back deck BBQ with pre and post dinner drinks. We watched a little bit of TV before hitting the sack well before midnight. It was a sensational way to farewell the old year and welcome the new.

My new year’s resolution for 2018 is to up my self care. This might sound a bit rich considering a picture I sometimes paint of the bliss in my life, but it’s not consistent. I have ridiculously crazy weeks, sometimes wrought with levels of stress that are well beyond a healthy balance. My 2018 aim is to dedicate one hour a week to deliberate self care. I welcome others to join me in this pursuit, it would be great to share tips and ideas and to encourage and support one another.

The start of this new campaign is easy when you are away on holidays. Almost everything is very much focused on self care. I am about to launch my kayak into the lake for it’s maiden voyage. Mark and the puppies are joining me. This plan to paddle along with my most treasured loved ones is an absolute perfect start to my New Year’s resolution. Happy 2018 to you and yours, may the start to this be equally full of the things you most love to do and if it’s not may it come your way some time soon!

Jodie xx


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