Maiden voyage.

My kayak maiden voyage was done twice. The first did not quite go to plan with our two puppies not so keen to sit like Pochahontis on the front of our rafts as we paddled majestically around the lake. Rather they both took to lunging into the water in fright and coming up as drowned shaking rats, followed by loud whimpering that made clear their displeasure at being out on the water. A swift return to land followed and they were safely deposited to their yard before a highly successful second attempt was made. Despite this minor hiccup, day one of the new year saw my resolution still strongly intact and I would include kayaking as a definite on my list of self care ideas.

As a Christmas gift from a work colleague I was given a fabulous magazine called ‘Breathe’. Having never really been an embracer of alternative lifestyles and their accompanying theories I was a little bit sceptical as to whether I would do more than a quick flick and discard. Therefore I was very surprised to find myself quite engrossed with it. This magazine literally had 37 independent articles full of ideas for increasing self care. It kind of stole my new project from under my feet. It seems I’m not the first person to think of making a collection of ideas of how to regularly care for yourself, who would have thought!

To top it off, I was also given a book by a cherished friend called ‘How to Feel Awesome Every Day’. For a second I wondered if I should be in some way alarmed at the theme of my gifts but considering I was not given an over abundance of soap and deodorant my mind moved away from this thought quickly enough. So now I find myself surrounded by a myriad of new and easy ways to introduce more self care into my life. Day two into 2018 and my new year’s resolution box is already ticked.

This now leaves me with the question of what else to do with my life this year. How fantastic is it to have a life where you can actually spend time contemplating what to do with it? I have already acquired festival and concert tickets for every month up until June. And at that point I’m heading off on a month’s trip overseas. So my 2018 life is already filling up pretty fast. I do, however, want to set some goals as I fully enjoy the luxury of finding additional purpose.

My magazine ‘Breathe’ already has the answer to this as well, of course. One of the articles is on Mindfulness, something I already know a lot about having spent the last few years alive. One of its suggestions, however, caught my eye. It discusses how having a willingness or openness to be a beginner can be life enriching. At 47 this is a bit of a hard concept for me. What does it mean to be a beginner at 47? It doesn’t take long for me to realise I’ve actually started achieving this already. I’m a beginner kayaker and last year I was a beginner blogger. So my goals this year are about becoming more of a beginner. I am aiming for three more beginner experiences this year with the view to getting a round total of four. I am after all a keen perfectionist and four is a number that divides evenly into 12 months for tri-monthly goal setting or every quarter, whatever maths tickles your fancy, I love symmetry.

With this goal in mind I look forward to relishing all the great things that come with being a beginner. I have no expectations at getting it right or being good at it. I am open to failing and then learning from it. I can abandon if it is just not right for me. I can master it if if I fall in love and turn out to be actually good at it. I can experiment. Most of all I can actually have fun discovering things I don’t know how to do. Who knows, maybe that guitar that’s being sitting in my spare bedroom for the past 10 plus years will finally be picked up as I begin the first ever over 40s chick rock band. Stay tuned and you just may hear me sometime soon in the 2018 top music charts.

Jodie xx


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