Fishing gear.

We are mid way into our two week holiday down the south east coast of Victoria, at which point we are packing up to move on from our first cal de sac to our second. We had originally wanted two weeks in the one spot but were unable to get dog friendly accommodation for the dates we had so we opted for a week in two different places, a very happy alternative I might add.

What I don’t like, however, is packing up. I am, like most people I suspect, a keen holiday maker and traveller. The worst part of this is always the pack up. I find just packing my suitcase an absolute bore, so on a holiday like this one the packing is super tedious as we have so many additional items considering we have brought the car along. We have not mastered the art of minimalist when it comes to car traveling and I’m the worst. I have literally worn six articles of clothing this week, outside swimming gear, but have something around 30 plus more items still in my luggage untouched. I am one of those ‘just in case’ and ‘what if’ packers. The weather this week has been faultless, so that hasn’t helped much!

On top of the all season clothing, I have brought along board games (which we are yet to play), three beach towels, four sarongs, four lots of bathers, five pairs of shoes (so far I’ve only worn my thongs), a picnic cooler bag, a picnic blanket, two camp chairs, three coats and an umbrella. I never leave home without my makeup, my hair straightener and hair products, although proudly I am yet to use any of these things. Then of course we have all the dog gear; a copious amount of toys and balls, their bed, two blankets, three bowls, 2 lots of leads, vomit emergency bucket and towel. And now that I am a beginner kayaker the gear for that is an enormous addition. We have also packed our snorkelling equipment, another passionate pursuit, along with a ginormous amount of fishing gear (for the man). And what Aussie holiday maker goes anywhere without a big esky? All of this I find quite ironic, considering we are the opposite of hoarders at home, prideful de-clutterers.

I look at this mountain of stuff that we have to pack and it just exhausts me. So I am eternally grateful that I also packed Mark. He’s a gun at getting all the hard stuff done, whilst I casually fuss about over my suitcase, the toiletries and whatever food supplies we think are worth taking to the next haunt. Despite the luxury of a hard working hubby, I still find time to moan. At least I am fully aware of what a real princess I can be at times.

The fact that we don’t have children and all the additional packing that they require is not wasted on either of us. I went traveling with a girlfriend to Italy three years ago for three weeks. International travel often requires a lot of packing and unpacking as you move from place to place. On that occasion we stayed at six different towns so that meant packing every three days. Naturally after the second or third time of packing up to move I began to have a little whinge about it. My girlfriend just laughed as she’d been thinking the opposite and had nothing but happy thoughts. For her it was all about how fabulous it was to only have to pack her own bag and not her kid’s as well. She was thoroughly enjoying the experience.

So now, as we put the final items into our car, the lack of kids and their likely mountain of additional stuff once again fleets across my mind. All I can think is ‘thank christ they don’t exist, imagine the additional work that would involve, not to mention we probably would have had to leave all the fishing gear at home to simply fit them in and then where would poor Mark be?!’

Jodie xx


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