Time flies.

My holidays are going too fast, speed of bullet kind of stuff. When I was a kid the summer holidays felt like they went on forever and were a deliberate ploy to get kids to actually want to go back to school. What has happened to time? Why does it seem the older you get the faster time flies?!

I’ve always been convinced that going away for holidays slows time down. It seems when I stay at home they are over in the click of a finger, but if I am away I seem to get more down time and hence they feel longer. Not true this holiday. Our days at the beach were done in a flash and I am caught back at home with a list of things to do before heading back to work in 2 weeks time.

When I pass the half way mark of any holiday period a little anxiety kicks in and a touch of daily hyperventilating. It’s not that I hate work, I just have a seemingly endless list of things I put off doing until the holidays and now I feel the pressure of this. Once work kicks in I have only so much motivation to get other things done. I do realise, as I write this, that I am kind of whining First World style. Life work balance is a constant juggle for most people, I struggle to remember how I managed this with a child in toe and stand in awe of all working parents. How do they not go around biting people’s heads off all day long?! And then there’s those super crazy ones who also volunteer additional time to kid’s sporting clubs, charities, churches etc.

I have volunteered in different capacities over the years, fostering included, which can be a perk of having no kids. I am not really a selfless person, valuing my free time too much pursuing the things I love, so any form of additional work has to be super rewarding. These days my only voluntary work is focused on my MRKH Support Group. It formed a large part of my recovery so giving back, even a little bit, is important to me. It doesn’t really involve a lot, but if raising awareness or contributing my own story for newly diagnosed young women helps even one person I feel validated.

One of the biggest things I have done for my charity, Sisters for Love MRKH Foundation Australia, was to participate in two awareness videos (SFL Passion Projects – You Tube search it). This was huge for me because it was super scary putting my face, voice and story out there for public viewing. The end result, however, made me incredibly proud of the courage I found, although I shook with vulnerability for a good couple of months following.

I share this now because one of my things to do before I go back to work is the third Passion Project video. I keep putting it off. Participating in these projects really take me back to times I’d rather not think much about anymore, they do not include any happy memories. I am steadfast, however, in my belief that sharing my experiences and raising awareness does nothing but help others and if it steers even one young woman towards a less rocky path then it is truly worth it.

Apart from the creativity of these projects, what I love most is how they can normalise the feelings for newly diagnosed girls, as well as guiding those closest to them to have a better understanding of the syndrome and how best to support them. So stay tuned, I look forward to sharing this little part of my life with you in coming months.

Jodie xx


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